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The Wrong Castle

This is the right time
It is comforting to be within the castle walls
As the skies begin to darken
And thunder in the distance calls
You are the right knight
Whom I drove all these miles to see
Just to watch you ride and fight again
Perhaps you might notice me
Sitting quietly, trying to blend in
Though the crowd sees something unsettling
They know I don't belong here
Others wonder what trouble I bring
But I carry no camera tonight
And only emptiness in my heart
Just wanting to see you one more time
Before at last I shall depart

I come alone and unannounced
It's true - No warning was given
My eyes are red and tired now
But my emotions are safely hidden
Tonight you fought the champion's fight
And once you looked my way
But I had to keep my distance tonight
I could think of nothing right to say
There are no words to bring you back
I can offer you no prize
This castle holds what my life now lacks
You can see it in my saddened eyes
There is no welcome here for me
I am feeling just a bit frightened
Because this is the wrong castle, you see
But for a moment my world was brightened

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