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A Tribute To Medieval Times


The following are some weapons used by the knights of Medieval Times:
  • Sword
    The two types of swords used are the Espada and the Mandoble. The Espada is a one-handed short sword used on horseback or in combination with a shield or other weapon. The Mandoble is used by knights on foot and is a two-handed sword that is longer and heavier than the Espada.

  • Lance
    The jousting knight uses a lance to knock his opponent from the horse. The lance is second only to the sword as a knight's weapon, and is used in battle or tournaments.

  • Bola
    The bola consists of a wooden handle with a spiked ball on a short chain. It is used from horseback or on foot. The ball can reach high speeds when swung and can deliver a forceful blow.

  • Mace
    This is a heavy weapon that can deliver crushing blows. It consists of a wooden handle with a quatrefoil-shaped head.

  • Alabarda
    This is a a cross between a battle-axe and a spear. There is a point on the back of the weapon so if the enemy is missed on the forward stroke, he can be stabbed with a backward thrust.

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