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To The Death

They told me you were dead
A misplaced lance, an awkward fall - You broke your neck
Your horse ran not to the stables as one would expect
But to you, quietly your body to inspect
Flaring nostrils blew warm breath upon your face
As though to raise you from the dirt where you lay
He was your best friend there, your partner in the tourneys
Carrying you through your castle journeys
But as he stood above you dripping streams of sweat
This scene he was aching to forget

Me? They told me how you died
And yes, I did break down and cry
I remembered your favor and all the flowers
How I watched you for so many hours
How you put your arm around me to console me
When a misunderstanding had really upset me
How you always stood for what was true and right
And in my heart you were my only knight
Just looking at you could make my world bright
You were my beacon in the darkest night

But when I heard that you were gone
I wondered how I could go on
Because I know that it's too late
Why did I have to hesitate?
I never told you how I feel
I only hope you knew it was real
That there will never be another
Although we never were quite lovers
I lied to myself - I will never forget
When I told myself I'd love you to the death

I shall love you ever after . . . . . . .

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