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Castle Note: An Apology

Two brief lines caused much disdain
Delivered into the hands of the wrong knight
How could I enter this castle again
When you did not understand my plight?
The note was not what it seemed to be
But you leaped to the obvious conclusion
I needed to speak with him immediately
Hasty words resulted from my confusion
When I was told you read the note
My world was torn apart
As if you had thrown me into the moat
With your sword lodged in my heart
I cared for him as a cherished friend
But you were the shining knight
Who intercepted the note and made the friendship end
At the castle on that fateful night
If I could retract the note, I would
If I could make things as they once were
I would take back every word if I could
And would take your advice for sure
Please tell me how to make things right
Whatever it takes, I shall do
To set things straight with the undisputed "best knight"
To make things right with you

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