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I come seeking solace from too many nights
With one who does not know love
What harm would befall myself or the knights
When fantasies remain contained within these castle walls?
Well aware of the fine line between fantasy and reality
I take my place and impatiently await the object of my affection
This evening he presents his lance to me
I carefully remove the ribbon and I read in his eyes
That he senses I would like his attention tonight
He will return soon with a flower, which he kisses gently
Before tossing it into my hands
He knows that for a few hours he owns my heart
Smiling softly, I know he understands
That I come not to stake claims to any piece of his life
I come only to experience the feelings he inspires
It matters little whether he wins the final fight
He is my personal champion, my shining knight
If I kiss his cheek and he touches my hair
No harm results from the fleeting moments shared
Perhaps sometimes we provide solace to each other
Safely confined within these castle walls

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