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To A Serf

You called me M'Lady and brought me a pitcher of iced tea
As I sat alone at table one, row one, black and white
Having no idea how much your kindness meant to me
You watched me gaze intently at my favorite knight
Sometimes through a camera lens, always with tired eyes
Fighting the ever-changing lighting to find his face
My presence had come not to be a surprise
Though everyone stared as I took my familiar place

You observed non-judgmentally this pitiful scene
Of a woman whose camera is obsessed with the knights
After all, how many pictures does one really need?
How could these performers bring such delight?
Unaware that the real purpose of my endeavors
Was a steady supply of new photos for the web site
But you'll figure it out if you're very clever - -
That the obsession is not with one single knight

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