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Thanksgiving Knight

My anticipation builds as I await entrance to the arena seating
Time can not pass quickly enough - each minute like an hour
Finally - running up the stairs, flashing my seating card
Seeking my familiar spot
Then more waiting, anticipating, wondering who will appear as my knight
Intense disappointment as my favorite, my personal champion
Will ride for others and toss no flowers in my direction
Is it unforgivable to cheer for the enemy?
I must - - My loyalty lies only with him
There is the victor, I proclaim
Then I turn to see this stranger to me, smiling
But he does not smile like or look like or ride like my favorite
My eyes return to the knight who will be champion
He wins, as I predicted, and someone says to me
You sure can pick 'em! How did you know?
I make my way to the wine cellar for a closer look
The knights arrive for autographs and photos
I stare at my favorite from a safe distance
He glances at me briefly
That is all I want from him
Then beside me I see a knight alone at the bar
"My" knight I wanted to trade for my chosen champion
Our eyes meet, piercing my soul like a dagger to my heart
His gaze is warm and gentle but cuts like a knife
Because I am guilty of betrayal
He rode for me and fought for me
But I was not there for him
Now something of him becomes a part of me
I am consumed with regret
I want to cheer for him
I want to take the ribbon from his lance
I want a flower from him as a token of remembrance
But the tournament is over and can not be undone
This sad, regretful, yet hopeful gaze is all we can share
As I turn and leave my Thanksgiving knight

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