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Perfect Knight

He cleans his boots and belt and wonders how he got here
He never even loved horses, although he had no fear
The music of the quadrillia rings in his head
The spotlight bright upon his face - He'd rather be in bed
He dons the knight's attire and suddenly he's a sensation
The crowd lets loose with shouts and cheers - There is no cessation
He'll kiss a flower and toss it to a lady anxiously waiting
He has a lovely wife at home - He has no thought of dating
The tournament continues and he wins at every game
He thinks "A grown man playing knight - This really is insane"

He wins the joust and draws his sword, victorious in his duty
Again he earns the privilege of choosing the Queen of Love and Beauty
A little girl whose hand he takes is led up to the King
He knows not the intensity of all the happiness he brings
He faces one more battle to defeat the great Black Knight
Another notch upon his belt on yet another night
Then autographs and photos for the fans who dearly love him
But nowhere in his mind does he put himself above them
He just works hard at what he does, and tries to do what's right
For after all, it is his job to be the perfect knight

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