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Never Ever Love

I might have been your most dedicated fan
Putting you on a pedestal as knight and man
Defending your honor as well as your name
Assisting you in your rise to knightly fame
Praying for your safety, health and happiness
And always wishing you the very best
Thinking of you truly as a notch above
But be assured it was never, ever love

There are often many unsolved mysteries in life
I am bound to my husband, and you to your wife
And I have more than a few years on you
But this doesn't make my feelings untrue
We have little control over matters of the heart
The feelings within can tear souls apart
But no matter what you may be thinking of
You can trust it was never, ever love

You may wonder where I am going with this
Not to a hug and not to a kiss
I value thoughts within me that you set free
The poetry of life that you inspire in me
It's something to look back on in years to come
When I recall a medieval knight, you will be the one
Yet whatever our relationship was made of
We will know it was never, ever love

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