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Last Words

Thinking of you, a thousand words run through my brain
Blinking back the tears, I try to hide the pain
A gleaming sword upon the wall reminds me of you
Brilliant and shining, forever straight and true
Funny how face to face the right words never came
How years must have passed before you knew my name
I kept saying and doing so many wrong things
Baffling you with what each performance might bring
But through it you were somehow always there for me
To gaze upon with pleasure all the world could see

For how many evenings were you my treasured champion?
With your victorious spirit which no one could dampen
To relive each night over I would sell my soul
Clinging to your memory as my heart grows old
Vivid in my mind now is the last time I saw you
You turned for a moment and I knew not what to do
I recall babbling on about when I might return
While just beneath the surface, despair began to burn
Knowing I was dangling from the end of your medieval line
You simply smiled and said, "See you next time"
But I could see in your eyes that "next time" would never come

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