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My Lancelot

We both knew from the start the fantasy could not last
That someday we would be a figment of each other's past
The spontaneous hugs and brief stolen kisses
Are now but a memory this lost lady misses
How I long to be sheltered beneath your cape
And to feel the sweet damp warmth of your neck's nape
How after a tournament your hair slightly curled
And when our eyes met it brightened my world
I even grew to love that touch of sadness
I'd see in your eyes amidst bits of madness
You could say so much without speaking a word
Now my mind lingers on those phrases unheard
As I look to the wall and my sword Excalibur
Admitting I love you while you still love her
But something important perhaps you forgot
Until the end of time you will be my Lancelot
If ever in your life you need a loving friend
Just call me, my Lancelot - I'll be there for you again . . .

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