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Lanced Heart

The gallant knight enters on his majestic steed
Not knowing his performance will fulfill her need
She comes alone on regularly scheduled dates
Acquiring the "Royalty Package" - never arriving late
The problems of the day quickly disappear
A smile begins to form as her favorite knight grows near
Hungry eyes beg for his favor and a flower
He has no idea of the depth of his power
Holding her heart in gauntleted hands
Unaware he could have his greatest demands

Then something of sadness shows in her eyes
When with flower in hand, he passes her by
Her spirit sinks deep as she sits in her place
Wondering if he even remembers her face
The clash of the swords, the roar of the crowd
Her knight rides to victory - handsome and proud
Then to the wine cellar to find the red knight
She stands at the bar hoping she'll be alright
And just when she thinks she is falling apart
He looks in her eyes and mends her lanced heart

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