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The King

The golden crown can not disguise
The twinkle of mischief in his eyes
As loyal subjects go down on their knees
To be dubbed with a title, if you please
In velvet robe astride his horse
He might blow a kiss, in due course
To a fortunate lady in the crowd
Who winks and waves while sitting proud
As others wonder at what they've seen
What is this? What about the queen?

But, ah - The queen is not alone
The King takes her side upon the throne
She smiles, reflecting her quiet beauty
Together they will do their duty
But as she drops flowers to the knights below
She wonders where his thoughts might flow
Does he gaze upon all the lovely ladies tonight
And think, "My dear queen, you may have your knights"?
For what he knows is just what is - -
This kingdom and all within it is his!

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