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The Journey

I don't recall how long it's been since your eyes first took my heart in
You were my first knight - the only knight to pull my soul from within
You forgave me for my trespasses which you knew you had incited
And my undivided attention which you inadvertently invited
You knew when I needed a flower, and when to turn away
But it wasn't within my power to try to make you stay
All knights must ride to battle, move on to new campaigns
I'm left to fight the pain and tears in cold and snow and rain
How will I face the castle now, and what am I to say?
They know you carried my heart with you the day you went away
I can not bear to think I've seen the last of your sweet smile
To hear your voice again I'd journey across a million miles
I know that you must live your life, of which I'm not a part
But if I'm to go on living, then I must follow my heart
You were my first and best knight - present, future and past
My one and only true knight, and you will be my last

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