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In My Dreams

In my dreams, you will ride back into my life and kill the pain
Perhaps on a starry summer's eve when a full moon shines again
As though you never left me longing and I never shed a tear
Now I shall breathe easier just knowing that you are near
Here again to glance at me with your penetrating lucid blue eyes
Finally dissipating all the clouds that have darkened my skies
As beneath your armor I shall feel your heartbeat once more
And taste the salty kiss with sweat that from you I adored
You shall feel no pain from the bruises you've endured
With one touch from me they will be instantly cured
There will be no disapproving critics, no noise irritatingly loud
As we ride away together, far from the madding crowd
And those to whom you belong, and he who belongs to me
Will set us free without a word and leave us to our destiny
But this scenario can never be in my waking hours it seems
I'll close my eyes so we can be together - in my dreams

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