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If Only

If only we could talk awhile
Or maybe even walk awhile
Hand in hand, in any land
At any time or any place
And I would always see your face beside me
As I'd turn to catch your smile
We'd be laughing all the while

If once again you'd touch my arm
I'd be the victim of your charms
Together without all the ties
That bind like chains and hurt like lies
I'd share your dreams and kill your fears
I'd banish any trace of tears you'd see
You could mean the world to me

If we could only spend one special day
Together somewhere far away
Where others couldn't come between our lives
Or change the way we'd feel
Because we'd know our dreams were real
And we might live this way forever
If we could spend that day together

But this is not the time or place
To speak of such things to your face
For none of this is real, you see
I've conjured up a fantasy
You are the champion of my dreams
A knight who came to rescue me
But now it's time to turn and walk away
With flower in hand and nothing more to say

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