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I hear that your battle may be approaching its end
That you rode fearlessly but somehow didn't quite fit in
They could never compare to you, my valiant knight
Who walked a straight and narrow path and tried to do right
They are too wild of heart and reckless of mind
Trying to sway you to be bold like their kind
But although you are brave, I don't see you as bold
You are too much of a man to be careless with your soul
I have remained faithful, devoted and true
Waiting for the night when once again I'll see you

I will be as usual - gazing from afar
Content just to be near where you are
Wishing again for one more tossed flower
That to make time stand still was within my power
For I would watch you faithfully for all eternity
Singing your praises to the world devotedly
My sweet shining knight - Where and how have you been?
I can hardly wait to see you again
The rest of the world will disappear
At the moment when you are finally here
You may even witness my tears disgraceful
And my obsessive determination to be faithful
To only you . . .

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