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A Tribute To Medieval Times

Profile: Sir Charles

2002 Most Valiant Knight of the Realm

Name: Sir Charles ("Chuck")

Position: A knight at Medieval Times in FL

City: Kissimmee

State: FL

Birthday: May 12

Age: 34

Marital Status: Married

Other Occupation: U.S. Army, Ft Stewart GA (past)

How and why did you become a knight?: Saw the show in 1985, thought that if I were to ever get out of the army and come back home that it would be fun to get a job at MT. I have always been into medieval stuff, since I was very young. I have always loved horses too.

What do you enjoy most about being a knight?: Playing to the crowd and riding the horses.

What do you not like about being a knight?: The injuries.

How do you feel about the attention and affection of "fans"?: That's why I do it every night!

Have you ever dated a "fan" - or would you?: Yes, met my girlfriend (now wife) that way.

How did you begin your training as a knight?: Started doing the show as the MC and Lord Marshall, waited for an opening, and then auditioned for Tim (riding). He took me on and I became a squire, training every day until I was good enough to do the show. About two months later I did my first show.

How long did it take you to become a knight?: A couple of months.

Which knight is your favorite (color) to play?: Black and White
What does one have to do to receive a flower or favor from you?: Just flash me a smile. I try to win as many flowers as I can, and toss them to as many ladies as I can.

How do you select the Queen of Love and Beauty?: I usually try to pick a young lady between 5 and 15 years old because it means so much more to them. Sometimes a little girl will get all dressed up as a princess and she looks so cute I can't resist picking her for all the effort she put forth.

Describe your "normal" work day (schedule and routine): Monday thru Friday at 5pm we have practice until 7pm. This is when the new guys get training. Then we take about 45 minutes to eat, shower, polish boots and belts, and get in the first costume. If the show is at 8pm we are usually done and ready to go home at 11pm.

Have you ever been hurt in your work as a knight? Hyper-extended knee... stepped wrong; Partial separated L shoulder...bad fall; Stitches L eyebrow........from joust hit; Staples top of head.... sword fight; Busted nose & lip...jousted in face; Knocked out for short time... " "; bumps, bruises, etc.

Are you ever afraid during the show?: Sometimes... like just before a high speed fall.

Have you been to any other Medieval Times castles?: No.

Given a choice, do you prefer your hair long or short?: Long... spent 9 yrs in army with short hair.

Do you like to travel? If so, where have you traveled and where would you like to go in the future?: With army... Germany, Saudi, Panama, Egypt; Vacation... England and Scotland (twice), all over the U.S.; In the future... Ireland, Canada, Australia.


Castle: Warrick, in England...any in Scotland :)

Hobbies: Painting, woodcraft, playing guitar

Sports: Football, kind of like the wrestling scene too.

Food: Anything on the grill, love raw oysters.

Beverage: Iced tea, fruit juices, dark beers.

Actors: Tom Hanks, Mel Gibson, Sandra Bullock

Movie and TV Show: Braveheart, Sling Blade, Sienfeld, Jeopardy

Singer: Creed, Alan Jackson, Dixie Chicks

Song: Higher

Restaurant: HOOTERS !!! Just Kidding... Olive Garden.

Color:: Black and Green

Car: Any big truck or SUV

Favorite pastime when not working: See Hobbies.

Describe the woman of your dreams (appearance & personality): Loves to laugh, likes to do the same stuff I do. Pretty easy huh?

Do you have any pets? If so, describe them: Two cats, a fish, and soon a dog.

Do you ever visit the theme parks in Orlando? If so, which are your favorites?: Have annual passes to Sea World and Disney.

What is your ultimate goal in life?: Some land in the foothills with a big house that looks like a castle, and horses. I would like a son some day now that my daughter is 12. Maybe give free riding lessons to disadvantaged kids, and barbecues with friends and family every other weekend.

If you had only one month to live, what would you choose to do?: Find my real father.

Comments: Keep filling the stands, we love all our fans. Have a great new year!!!
MVK 2002 plaque Chuck

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