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Captured Knight

It is well enough that I capture you only with my camera
For in photographs the moment will last through all the years
Sometimes close enough to see the shape of a bicuspid tooth
Or a familiar freckle on your neck, below your right ear
The occasional shot of a furrowed brow
Or beads of sweat clinging to your face
All these moments of you I capture now
Will forever be held in a special place
There are pictures where I see the veins in your hand
Or a slight injury above one eye
Beaming smiles that could melt the coldest of hearts
And one sweet sad shot that brings a tear to my eyes
I may know you better than anyone in your life
My camera sees things no one else would dare
And though many shots end up on a website
There are several I'm not willing to share
You see photographers don't ask for forever
So we treasure every photographic minute
And for capturing you I feel quite clever
Each picture is priceless because you are in it

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