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The Black Knight

The Black Knight enters and savagely steals my heart
With his fiercely masked helmet and stature that sets him apart
Against the king's champion, to death he must fight
The crowd is enraged watching evil against the good knight
Something is familiar about the way the Black Knight rides
I see it in the way he moves - - something he can't hide
His motion in the saddle, his stride when on the ground
And when he shouts his voice is certainly a familiar sound
I try so hard to see his face - He always turns away
Until he's bound and being whipped, and I can feel his pain
Then for one brief moment our eyes do finally meet
As he is being led away, suffering defeat
Alas - He'd been the blue knight, my favorite of them all
Who died tonight an early death and had to take the fall
But I will not worry about the Black Knight's fate
He'll always rise to ride again and face another day

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